Alejandro Ponce (REPSOL SINOPEC BRAZIL, CEO), Jordi Pedrola Vidal (REPSOL), Artjom, Florian, Jörg, Alexander (DACMA), Jose Javier Salinero(REPSOL SINOPEC BRAZIL), Benjamin (DACMA), Micaela Taborga (REPSOL), Adrian, Jannik, Manuel (DACMA), Felipe Dalla Veccia , Victor Hugo Jacks M dos Santos (PUCRS)
Jose Javier Salinero(REPSOL SINOPEC BRAZIL), Benjamin, Jörg (DACMA)
Florian (DACMA), Alejandro Ponce (REPSOL SINOPEC BRAZIL, CEO)

Our customer PUCRS – Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul and our partner REPSOL SINOPEC BRAZIL have visited DACMA GmbH in Hamburg.  A 60 tonnes/year unit was successfully demonstrated in process. Furthermore, the manufacturing line of our BLANCAIR units were inspected at our growing assembly line.

In the next upcoming month, 5 BLANCAIR Units will we delivered to Porto Alegre to build up the first 300 TA system in Brazil.

An exciting step towards pioneering solutions for Brazil’s future.