• First prototype of BLANCAIR shipped to Brazil

    Blancair is taking a significant step towards entering the market in Brazil. We are proud to deliver our first prototype to Brazil. This exciting development will not only strengthen our presence in the region, but also help drive global innovation for Direct Air Capture (DAC). Stay tuned to find out more!

  • BLANCAIR Successfully Tests First DAC Prototype for Carbon Capture

    Victor Hugo Jacks M dos Santos (PUCRS), Prof. Felipe Dalla Vecchia (PUCRS), DACMa Manufacturing Team

    Hamburg, 2023 September 5th – BLANCAIR is delighted to announce the successful testing of its first Direct Air Capture (DAC) prototype, developed by DACMa GmbH in Hamburg. This prototype, designed to combat climate change, can capture 15 tons of CO2 annually from ambient air.

    Scheduled for commissioning in Brazil at Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul (PUCRS) in December 2023, this system will play a vital role in underground CO2 storage.

    Moreover, BLANCAIR is poised to expand its impact further, with a next-gen system a 300-ton per year capacity set to be commissioned in Porto Alegre in July 2024.

    BLANCAIR remains dedicated to pioneering carbon capture solutions, taking proactive steps in addressing global carbon emissions.