In December 2022, DACMA GmbH (DACMA) has launched a first DAC project in Brazil to capture 300 tons of carbon per year to demonstrate the viability of DAC technology. As part of this project, DACMA will provide solid capture technology to be demonstrated at PUCRS – Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul. The prototype of this technology, called BLANCAIR, has already been delivered to Porto Alegre, as part of a R&D program to develop next generation adsorbents. Another DAC project in Brazil, has been launched in Salvador, state of Bahia with a feasibility study for 5,000 tons of carbon per year for permanent storage in basalt geological mineralization under the rainforest. The commissioning of this next scaling level of BLANCAIR technology is planned for 2026/2027.

DACMA is also planning several other projects for the storage and methanation of CO2 from DAC and is eager to show that that BLANCAIR technology is suitable for various applications and climate regions and thus globally applicable.
October 24, 2023, the Spanish company Repsol Energy Venture S.A. has become DACMA’s new shareholder.

With this partnership between REPSOL and DACMA, we are embarking on a shared journey to achieve the ambitious climate goals for 2050.