Daniel Meyfarth, Jörg Spitzner (DACMA), Simon Bechtel, Matthias Thiel (TES-H2), Benjamin Scharrer (DACMA)

On November 21, we welcomed the TES team from Tree Energy Solutions, who took a look at our BLANCAIR technology. We discussed a partnership for future projects in Belgium and the United States in the field of methanation. The green hydrogen from TES is produced together with the CO2 from BLANCAIR as e-NG.

Tree Energy Solutions (TES) is a green and clean hydrogen company supplying long term non-intermittent carbon neutral energy on demand at industrial scale. 

DACMA GmbH develops and produces highly innovative BLANCAIR machines that separate carbon dioxide from the ambient air – Direct Air Capture (DAC). The adsorption material is interchangeable to further increase performance and BLANCAIR is developed for large-scale use.